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"One of a Dozen Appels"....

It's available in paperback and now as an E-Book too... Check it out!

It's a collection of recipes that tell my mom's story. For several years my daughter and I had tried to get mom to write down her memories of life on the farm in a large family, on her life in general. I ended up going through her recipes and asking about the different people whose names were on each recipe I wrote down. In this way she told me stories of when and where she met these people in her life.

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"One of a Dozen Appels " (Appel Cookbook),

Also available: A Week of Love

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I have just finished illustrating & publishing a children's book for my friend and author, Donna Yzaguirre.

It's a true story about a mouse that happened to Donna on her family farm in Northern California.
















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